Bulk faxing via e-mail

In order to fax a document by e-mail to multiple addresses please proceed as follows:

Activate the option in eCall menu 'Allow messages by e-mail' in 'Settings' -> 'Access via e-mail'.

Enter your e-mail address on the same page.

Open a group in the addressbook (e.g. named 'Advertfax1+ as a Fax group'). You may enter up to 2000 numbers in one group (copy/insert), for more numbers simply create a new group.

Now simply send an e-mail to Advertfax1@fax.ecall.ch with your document (Word, pdf, etc).

Important: It's advisable to send a test fax to yourself, then check its layout and adapt the message if necessary.

You can check what the fax message just cost and when it was sent in the log.
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